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Alice Mayes

I was very lucky to be involved with Pilates when I was 16 years old. My Mum is a Pilates Instructor and has been teaching for 25 years. I have always participated in her classes as well as being fortunate to benefit from 1-1 training. So from a young age, it has become a strong interest and passion of mine. I am extremely passionate about fitness and teaching.

I get satisfaction from teaching when I see clients improving and the enjoyment they get from their sessions, I find this very rewarding. I always like to introduce variations and make adaptations to exercises especially if any clients have injuries or limitations and also take into account their skill level. I always like to keep sessions different and interesting as I think it’s important to include variation. I am always complimented on my warm and bubbly personality and I am a very approachable person. I think this plays a significant role when teaching.

I love to interact and meet new people. I am extremely welcoming and my main focus is to always create a fun and positive session. I feel very grateful that I have found my passion within the fitness industry and so for me it never feels like work. For over 7 years I was with Emirates Airline and extremely lucky to have travelled the world and when at destinations I would make it a regular habit to attend classes in different studios, I really enjoyed experiencing different teaching methods used around the world as well as creative ideas and studio layouts. I love to constantly keep progressing and learning.