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Marzia Cavagnero

I am from Italy but moved to the UK in 1992 and never returned, despite the weather!

Most of my working career has been in the Airline Industry as cabin crew and within travel & tourism. I then moved into accountancy as an administrator after the birth of my daughter so that I could be at home and in this country more often. This also meant that I was able to finally participate regularly in fitness classes!

I have always been a very active person and into fitness from a very young age and it didn’t take long to develop from an interest into a passion. Back in 2004 I decided to become a fitness instructor.

Since then, I have trained in many disciplines, mainly in high impact classes however as years went by, I realised I wasn’t getting any younger and took a different approach to the health and fitness world. I started looking into Pilates and after a few classes I could see its benefits not just physically but also mentally and how you can develop a better understanding of how to connect your body and mind.

I took further training and became a Matt Pilates instructor and never looked back ever since. I am a great believer than you never stop learning no matter how qualified you might be or how many years of experience you have, perfection is not a destination but a long endless journey.

Because of that I am constantly looking at better ways to health and wellbeing so I can transmit this knowledge to my participants. I want them to understand what there are doing and why. Equally important is for me to get to know my participants and learn what works for them, push them to excel and see their progress over time. I get a feeling of accomplishment when I see them happier, mentally and emotionally at the end of the class.

Pilates is an amazing workout for all ages without putting to much pressure on your joints, I also like to include various techniques I have learned over the years to make it more interesting and dynamic. Before I start teaching, I like to ask relevant questions so I can tailor the class more to each individual and their needs.

I always cater for all ages, experience and fitness levels and give plenty of achievable options so that nobody feels left out or underworked, however one of my favourite main ingredients is to put a little fun into the class to make the workout more enjoyable!

In my spare time I love taking my dog out for a walk in the countryside, spending time with my family and friends and if they have a dog even better!

My favourite Pilates position it has to be… the Airplane pointer, great for core stability, legs strength, balance and you can fly anywhere you want to go