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Chloe Palmer

From a young age I have always been interested in health and well-being. I would always pick the intensive, fast paced exercise forms as my ‘go-tos’, running, spinning, HIIT workouts etc but as somebody who is always ‘on the go’, a bit ‘nervy’ and ‘fidgety’, I realised these forms didn’t work for me, they made me too wired and were not helping my brain! I swapped these intense exercise forms for yoga and Pilates and immediately saw the benefits. Pilates became my real passion and instead of seeing it as exercise it became part of my routine.

For me it is the perfect combination, strength, flexibility and mobility whilst also promoting mindfulness and relaxation. I always come away from my practice feeling like I’ve worked my whole body whilst maintaining a sense of calm.

As an intensive care nurse the pandemic has been an incredibly testing time for me, pushing me to my limits and to levels of stress I’ve never known. But continuing with my daily Pilates has allowed me to stay supple, strong and healthy, emotionally and physically. After years of wanting to complete my teacher training, working through this time gave me the push I needed to appreciate life is for living and to act now. So in the Summer of ‘21 I completed my Stott Pilates training.

My favourite things about teaching Pilates is getting to know clients, learning what works for them, pushing people to excel, watching their progress week on week and seeing them walk away with the same feeling I get after completing a class. I can’t wait for my Pilates journey to continue and develop, come join me!

Favourite things: Countryside walks with our dog Wilf, weekends with family and friends, shopping small and finding local cafes and restaurants, red wine and roast dinners.

Favourite pose: Right now it’s ‘rolling like a ball’ a mixture of playfulness and balance!