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Philippa Allen

I’m a Kiwi girl who moved to London in 2018 for a couple of years and now find myself here for good!

I’ve always been passionate about sport and exercise.  I spent many years competing in aerobics and dance, multisport and equestrian until a spinal injury forced me to change things up!

I became a total Pilates convert, and trained as an instructor in the couple of years I was building back after my injury, as it was such a huge part of getting me back up and going, and still plays such a big role in allowing me to be fit and active. Through the years I’ve also been a ride and group power instructor, and coached competitive aerobics!

I teach all levels of Pilates and am especially passionate about using pilates to help people recover from and prevent injury, prepare for and recover from pregnancy, and counter some of the effects of our modern day lifestyle!

Outside of work I love anything outdoors –  hiking, cycling and surfing are at the top of the list. I also love cooking and baking, having a wine or two with friends, and reading.