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Victoria Cappella

I first got into yoga in my early twenties to help with my running. A few running friends used to attend a Bikram class on a Sunday evening. At the time I was marathon training and every Sunday morning I would do a long run in the cold and wet so going into a hot room in the afternoon was heaven! I always felt so much better after a class – feeling like I had stretched and worked every muscle within my body. I used to hate it when the class finished and I would have to go back into the cold!

Although I initially fell in love with the physical side of yoga (and the heat!) I then begin to explore more – opening up my practise. I begin to feel the benefits not just physically but also mentally. I love the feeling after a class. Whilst my mind still wanders – I love that after class feeling and the space yoga provides.

We started Very Yoga not imaging what it could turn into and it has gone above and beyond our expectations. We love the community within the studio and I love my job!

Favourite things: My family – Stefan, GiGi and Max (our beloved Frenchie!), walks in the park, time with friends, holidays and food!

Favourite posture: I love balances. I think it allows me time to find some space and I love the challenge balances brings (especially on my left side!)