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Zoe Burr

Exercise and movement have always been a big hobby of mine, I started gymnastics at the age of 4 and continued through to the age of 15, where training took a back seat and I started coaching for a few years. I have tried various types of exercise from running, strength classes, barre, yoga and saving best till last Pilates.

My Pilates journey started in 2020, when I was attending frequent running and weighted classes. I was looking to find more of a slower & stretching style of exercise rather than over loading the body.

During a conversation with one of my barre instructors and close friend she suggested Pilates. I stated attending one class a week. I can confidently say I will never look back ! I loved it, I felt stronger, longer and leaner but also my posture improved and I became much more aware of the way I held myself.

Incorporating Pilates with my love for running, spinning and barre, I feel I have found the right balance.

By mid-2021 I had gained my level 3 Pilates instructor qualification. This was a big achievement for me as found it extremely hard to learn via zoom, I’m more of a kinaesthetic learner, but I knew it would be worth it so I could teach people what I felt when I took part in a Pilates class.

Some of my students may say I do love love love  a core sequence to feel the burn, but you will have to find that out for yourself. I will say I love to focus on opening and closing my classes by bringing your awareness to the breath. You should feel strengthened, stretched and relaxed.
See you on the mat,
Zoe x